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Ever onward 🙂

The Looe Daily Photo project is now up to Day 55 so it’s time for a quick roundup of last week’s pictures.

If you’ve been following along you’ll notice that I have a mixed bag of photographs with a few ‘weird’ abstracts thrown in.

I’d be interested to know which are your favourites and what type of pictures you’d like to see more of i.e. landscapes, people, places, sunsets, sunrises, events or even the ‘weird’ ones! Let me know which you prefer.

As I’m out and about either running or going to the gym first thing in the morning I tend to take the pictures then. The rest of the day I’m in the office slaving away over a ‘hot’ keyboard! This has also made me wonder what else you might like to see more of on ilovelooe. Would you like more info about fishing, local hotels or event restaurant reviews. Let me know and thank you for your help.

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Dead Spidercrab in Rockpool on Second Beach

First up last week was a picture of a huge dead spidercrab we found in a rockpool on Second Beach. For those who are not sure where I mean, it’s at the far end on East Looe beach, over the steps and down the other side to where all the rocks are. This is a great place to search the rockpools towards the end of the summer as you’ll net all sorts of creatures including shrimps, crabs and starfish.

Abstract photograph of coiled rope on the quay

One of my ‘weird’ pictures and I do wonder if people think, “Why on earth did he include that?” I guess I’m drawn to the pattern, texture, shadows and shapes. Let’s move on…

Juvenille Seagull standing on beach in the morning sunshine

I think seagulls get a bad rap. I personally hate the ‘Seagulls can be vicious’ signs as I find them tacky and naff in design and style. I don’t see why we should cheapen the look of Looe with cheap garish signage just because it’s cheap. I know that seagulls can be opportunists and will steal your sandwich given half the chance but let’s face it we are the ones to blame! I wrote a post about the herring gulls some time back which you might be interested in.

Looking up Looe River

If you venture around to Hannafore on foot there are only two ways to get there. The first is along the cliff road which can be a little busy and the other is by the footpath that runs parallel to it behind the hotels that overlook the beach. It’s a lovely walk if you’ve never done it but a little steep at the beginning near the Fire Station.

Huge Pasty at Palfrey’s Bakery in Fore Street

I took this picture whilst on a run back from the beach. I popped in to see Phil for some bread and spied this enormous pasty on the counter. Apparently it was made to publicise and event Phil is taking part in on Birmingham Railway Station in May. I think the event is to help promote Looe as a holiday destination but I could be wrong. Do let me know so I can update this if I am!

Buy Cornish Pasties online

One other ‘shout-out’ is that I have just finished designing Phil’s website www.cornishpasties.com Palfrey’s have bakeries in Looe and Polperro and he came to me to design his new website which sells Cornish Pasties and Cream Teas online. They send their pasties all over the country and will even deliver locally for free if you want pasties whilst on holiday! A great service from a local Cornish business.

Bluebells on Hannafore looking towards Looe Island

I was out running the other morning when I noticed this heavenly scent. I looked up and there gently swaying in the breeze were thousands of bluebells. If you’re in Looe over Easter, take a walk along the sea wall first thing in the morning. You’ll love it.

Looe Bowling Club and 18 Hole Putting Green

I don’t know much about the Bowling Club but they certainly have one of the best spots in Looe. When I poked my head around the hedge I was amazed at how immaculate everything was. The other thing I didn’t know was that they have an 18 hole putting green. Have you been there before? What did you think? Did you have a nice time? Let me know below.

Once again, I’d love to hear your views or thoughts and memories about any of the places in the Looe Daily Photo.

Please leave your comments below and I’ll get back to you. Cheers, Chris.

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