91 Photographs of Looe

My photographs of Looe in the Looe Daily photo are continuing apace.

I’m only nine days away from the first 100 photos of Looe which seems amazing. If you’re new to the website you can check out all the photographs uploaded so far in the Looe Daily photo gallery.

Here are a few of the latest photos.

Photographs of Looe in the Looe Daily Photo

Carving of horse in house wall

The photograph below was taken in West Looe. The stone carving is on the side of a house in North Road. You’ll have to look up quite high to see it but it is worth the effort of going to see it.

Sunset over Trenant Point and Kilminorth Woods

I took this photo just a week or so ago from our house in East Looe. It was a truly beautiful evening.

Black as Hell over Looe Bay

I’m glad I wasn’t out in this one!

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