Adrenalin Quarry Zip Wire Ride

Adrenalin Quarry TicketsAdrenalin Quarry zip wire ride – Win a couple of free tickets!

Have you heard of Adrenalin Quarry?

Well, if you’ve been following Looe Music Festival then you’ll know they were the main sponsors this year and I guess, partly responsible for the festival being as big and amazing as it was 🙂

Anyway, Adrenalin Quarry is very near to Looe and makes a cracking day out. You can drive there in 20 – 30 minutes, go crazy and then get back to Looe for a relax on the beach. Life eh!

So, iloveLooe and the guys at Adrenalin Quarry have got together to offer you a chance to ride ‘The Zip’ for free.

Entry is free too. All you have to do is subscribe to the iLoveLooe newsletter. Simple.

Adrenalin Quarry zip wire ride

I want to paint you a picture.

Imagine flying at 64 kilometres per hour, 150ft over a water filled quarry nearly half a kilometre long, suspended only by a thin rope and harness? Well, at Adrenalin Quarry you can.

Sounds insane, but I remember tying huge long ropes from the tops of trees as a kid and hurling myself off hanging on to piece of rope attached to a pulley. A friend of mine and I used to to this for hours, even though the ride only lasted a few seconds.

Adrenalin Quarry

Adrenalin Quarry – longer, bigger, faster!

At Adrenalin Quarry the trill is much better and the ride much longer than the ride we rigged up as kids.

If you have ever thought about flying down a zip wire or just fancy a super adrenalin rush then Adrenalin Quarry and iLoveLooe have could make your dream come true. Just subscribe to the iLoveLooe newsletter for a chance to make it happen.

2 tickets for ‘The Zip’

The generous and slightly bonkers people at Adrenalin Quarry have very kindly given me two tickets for The Zip – the UK’s 2nd longest zip wire ride.

The winner of the two Adrenalin Quarry tickets will be able to take a guest along for the ride of a lifetime, or be selfish and have two goes themselves! Personally I think half the fun will be seeing your mate’s face as they leap off the cliff next to you. So come on, face the fear and live life to the full 😉

If the Zip Wire is not enough and you need another adrenalin rush, there’s the Adrenalin Quarry Giant Swing. Hanging 50ft off the ground, the swing is lifted to 80 degrees, then three ‘lucky’ people are swung 150ft over the lake. This experience has been described as ‘The most amazing thing I have ever done’, and ‘awesome!’ Sounds bonkers to me but look huge fun.

Up for more? Then The Blob will not fail to amuse. While your ‘friend’ perches on a huge inflatable tube, you plunge down onto the blob catapulting your amigo skywards with a watery landing. But remember, before you’ve finished laughing, you’ll be sitting on the tube, waiting…

Still not scared, wet or tired enough? Then Coasteering at Adrenalin Quarry might just finish you off. Not affected by weather or tides, the uncrowded, private quarry cliffs offer fantastic coasteering for all ages and experience levels. I’m exhausted just writing about it!

To cap it all off, Adrenalin Quarry hold Stag and Hen nights with a difference, Development Training events and you can even say ‘I do’ here. An amazing wedding venue for those who love to live life to the full.

Adrenalin Quarry is the place in Cornwall which guarantees to put a screaming smile on your face.

How to enter the Adrenalin Quarry prize

To win this amazing prize, all you have to do is subscribe to the newsletter.

There is no question to answer and no catch. Simply click the link above, enter your email address into the box and click subscribe.

You will be entered into the free prize draw and every subsequent draw while you remain subscribed.


If you are the lucky winner, please contact Adrenalin Quarry for opening times, booking and availability before travelling.

iLoveLooe cannot be held responsible for any cancellations or time changes due to unforeseen circumstances. Adrenalin Quarry are also responsible for your complete welfare and safety whilst enjoying their facilities. Please check with them before enjoying any of the activities.

The prize tickets are for two free rides on The Zip only. All other costs will be the responsibility of the prize winner.

Full opening times and further information are available at

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