Ancient Well in Shutta Road, Looe – LDP – Day 14

The Looe Daily Photo Day 14Whenever I go into Looe, I walk past a this Well at the end of Shutta Road. I must walk, run or drive past it several times a day but I bet that most people who visit Looe, have never seen it!

The fear of exploring a foreign place and going up a side street or trying a short cut nearly always prevents us from fully exploring somewhere new. Sometimes it’s not even fear, it just that we can’t be bothered or the hill looks to steep, or maybe it just looks uninviting!

Looe is full of interesting nooks and crannies so you’re missing a treat or two by just sticking to the well worn tourist path to the beach. Venture up a side street and you’ll see great views and get away from the crowds. Hey, you might even get to see this old Well too.

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The Looe Daily Photo – Ancient Well in Shutta Road – Day 14

Now, once again I do not know much about the subject of this photograph but I can tell you the Well was renovated in 1977 by the Looe Old Cornwall Society and a new gate added in 2006. The new gate was made possible by a “generous legacy from Beatrice Rose Whittington who lived from 1895 to 2004)”. The sign on the gate says she was a member of the society too.

If you do know anything about the well, please leave a comment or write in and let me know.

As always, please leave a comment below. Cheers. Chris.

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