Another seven photographs of Looe

I’ve been away from Looe for the last few days, back at a family wedding in Sussex. It was fun to see everyone but it meant I didn’t have time to add this post about the last seven photos in the Looe Daily Photo project.

So without further ado, here they are. photos ranging from a full moon over Kilminorth Woods to an armoured rib going up the Looe River! There were two boats cruising up the river. Both had men in black toting machine guns. Each rib had a machine gun mounted on the front – it was very surreal to watch and in a way, quite scary!

So to see and read more, click the read more link and as always, I value your comments.

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Before we start, don’t forget that you can see all the photos in the Looe Daily Photo gallery.

Full moon over Kilminorth Woods – Day 53

This picture was taken a month of two ago. The moon tends to set over Kilminorth Woods which we look out at from our house. This evening it was a full moon and particularly clear – I swore I heard howling 😉

Bluebells and Pole in West Looe – Day 54

I found the juxtaposition of the soft, delicate bluebell flowers against the cloudless sky quite striking and wondered if they were trying to ‘out blue’ each other! Bluebells are normally seen in woodland settings so this seemed unusual enough to warrant a photo. The hard rigid metal handrail added an extra abstract dimension and makes me wonder why it’s there and what it might be for. Okay, that was a weird one but I liked it.

Mist hanging over Looe River by Kilminorth Woods – Day 55

This picture was taken early in the morning at about 8am. It turned out to be a lovely sunny day in Looe. As is often the way in the spring months, these clouds of mist move down the river and disperse when they get to Looe or the Millpool car park! You have to wonder at the atmospherics that form them in the first place – quite amazing.

Sailing Yacht off beach in Looe Bay – Day 56

I was running along the beach when I spotted this yacht in the bay. It was a lovely warm morning and it looked like the people on the boat were having such a lovely time. I have since learnt that they were repairing a snapped cable on the starter and had anchored up to make some hasty repairs. They made it back to Looe safe and sound after their roundtrip to Fowey. The yacht is the Gemini and what a beauty she looks to.

Banjo Pier and Looe Island from the Wooldown – Day 57

The Wooldown has to be one of my favourite places in Looe. It’s quiet, free of the crowds in town and feels like an oasis of calm on crazy days in summer! Locals will know  how wonderful it is on a warm and sunny day but if you’ve never been up on the Wooldown, go now, take a picnic and enjoy. You’ll love it.

Armoured Rib on Looe River – Day 58

I took this picture and some video footage (I’ll upload later) a week or so ago just as the sun had gone down. It was the most unusual sight and one which I found quite shocking. Being reasonably near Plymouth I suppose I should have expected it but to see men in balaclavas and carrying machine guns cruise up the river in front of your house isn’t something you see everyday – thank goodness!

If anyone has anymore information about this picture please get in touch. I’d be fascinated to know more.

Early morning sunshine on sea in Looe Bay – Day 59

I snapped these patches of light on the sea whilst jogging round to the Hannafore Point Hotel in West Looe. I always carry my camera to the gym just incase I see something. I just liked the way the cloud was casting this patch of light from the sun. It were boootifulll 🙂

Well there you have it folks, seven more days of the Looe Daily Photo project. Only another 306 to go!

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Cheers, Chris.

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