Back on track – no pun intended!

New ilovelooe websiteWell I think that’s just about done it. Apart from re-styling every old post, creating the Looe Valley Line commemorative poster, installing an online shop and redesigning the whole website, I think all the content from the old website is finally live – phew!

I’m not sure if any of you run a website (although I expect some of you must) but there can come a time when you outgrow the technology behind something and need to move on. Well ilovelooe came to that juncture back in May this year. The CMS just couldn’t handle what I have planned for ilovelooe and so everything went on hold for a while until I could get the time to re-engineer things.

ilovelooe logo

Needless to say I’ve spent a while agonising over how to redesign the ilovelooe. Designing something for yourself (for me anyway) is always the hardest thing to do. I love good design and so creating something which is not only useful but good to look at and work with, can be a real challenge. Hopefully you’ll like what I’ve done.

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