Tesco in Looe – Yes or No?

Just a quick update after the Tesco exhibition and consultation in the Looe Community School yesterday and Friday. You can read some interesting comments both for and against in these two posts: Is having a Tesco in Looe really a bad … [Read more...]

Is having a Tesco in Looe really a bad thing?

This is a Guest Post by Ben Holtam - Looe resident. It seems only a matter of time now that one of the major stores venture into Looe and with that store possibly going to be Tesco, I ask the question; would that really be a bad thing? The most … [Read more...]

Viking II – The Return of Tesco

Guest Post by Derek Braithwaite - Looe resident. Coming your way soon! The latest blockbuster for 2012 – ‘Viking II – The Return of Tesco.’ It’s the tale of how an army of cash-driven corporate raiders returned to wreak havoc on the Cornish … [Read more...]