Walk to Looe Island on the ocean floor video

This week I finally managed to fulfil a dream I've had for the past 8 years - to walk across the bottom of the ocean to Looe Island. Slightly nervous and constantly thinking about the tide, I picked my way through the kelp beds until I reached the … [Read more...]

Looe Food Festival video

Here's my Looe Food Festival video / slideshow for the Looe Festival of Food & Drink 2013. I took lots of photos and some short video snippets on the first day and combined them to some music which seemed to sum up the event. I've heard … [Read more...]

Video of Looe by Visit Cornwall

Have you seen this new video of Looe made by Visit Cornwall? I like it very much, although I do think the ending could have been finished off better. Nice one though and thanks to Visit Cornwall for putting in the effort. Video Postcard of Looe Let … [Read more...]

Looe needs your help

UPDATE - the A387 is back - thank you for your help. Looe needs your help with Google Maps! I love the Google Maps facility. It's helpful in so many ways and to so many people. Whether it's sat nav, phone Apps or route planning on your PC it's an … [Read more...]

Trerulefoot to Looe in under 2 minutes

Do you like freaky fast fairground rides? Do you like the Grand Prix? Do you wish we had teleportation systems so driving everywhere didn't take so long? How about getting to Looe in record time? If you like any of the above, strap … [Read more...]