Cornish Cream Teas – LDP – Day 10

The Looe Daily Photo Day 10Now here is something very close to my heart – Cornish Cream Teas.

It comes from childhood memories of visits to our family in Somerset and subsequent forays into Devon and Cornwall. My father’s family moved to Somerset from London when we were kids and we spent many happy holidays roaming Dartmoor and visiting quaint tea rooms stuffed full of tourists all scoffing scones, clotted cream and strawberry jam! It was heaven 😉

Anyway, I guess it stuck with me and now I’ve inherited my fathers passion for a quality cup of tea and that heady mix of sweetness and clotted cream. Ooooh, just thinking about makes me hungry.

Recently I was asked to photograph some food products for a local business here in Looe who specialise in pasties, cakes, breads and of course, Cornish Cream Teas. You can’t imagine the excitement in our house as I told the children we’d have mountains of cakes and pasties to eat! You should have seen their little faces.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I took all the photos and this was one of the images for the Cornish Cream teas.

Click the “Read More…” link and feast your eyes. If it makes you hungry, pop into Looe this weekend and feed your passion 🙂

The Looe Daily Photo – Cornish Cream Tea – Day 10

Okay, so there are some really important differences when it comes to Cornish Cream Teas and cream teas from Devon.

Not being originally from either county (parents from Kent, brought up in Sussex by the Sea) I do not wish to fire the intercontinental rift that exists between the two counties over the proper way to put together a cream tea i.e. cream on jam or jam on cream! Having said that, I do prefer one of them…

The Cornish Way to make a cream tea

Here in Cornwall, we kindly suggest and highly recommend putting the clotted cream on top of the strawberry jam. This is the way I like to do it as it looks ‘proper’, is easier to create and makes the whole delicious affair something special. I think it’s the visual effect of breaking up the colours of the scone and cream with the rich red colour of the strawberry jam which adds a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’.

If you’re going to enjoy a Cornish Crea Tea here in Cornwall, this is the way you’ve gotta do it.

The Devonian way to make a cream tea

Okay, so it wouldn’t be fair to all our lovely neighbours in Devon to say their way is wrong and I can see that having all that lovely jam on top would make a pretty picture but for me it’s not how I like to do it.

What do you think? Jam on Cream or Cream on Jam?

Let me know in the comments below. Cheers. Chris

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