Crabbing in Looe in 1972 – Postcard from the past!

Crabbing in Looe in 1972An anonymous person sent me this postcard yesterday that seems to have been taken back in 1972!

It’s quite extraordinary and depicts a huge crab on East Looe Beach stalking seagulls!

The slightly creased postcard clearly shows an enormous crab about to pounce on the poor unsuspecting gulls as they relax in the morning sunshine. I can only imagine it was a matter of “Now you seagulls, now you don’t!”

Anyway I scanned the postcard in nice and large, so click the “Read More” link below to see the big version and leave a comment. Thanks again to whoever sent me this amazing image 🙂

Crabbing in Looe Postcard – it’s huge!

Well here it is folks… click the image to see the large version and leave your comments below…

Huge crab on East Looe beach Postcard

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