Escape to the country London to Cornwall by train

Cornwall VideosWhen I was in my last year of college, I was offered a job in an ad agency just behind Oxford Circus in central London. I moved from South Wales to London and commuted by train, in and out of the big smoke everyday for many years. It was a drag of a train journey.

For me there was always something missing in London and I think it stemmed from the fact that I grew up in a small Sussex town and was used to hearing the birds and watching the seasons change. I don’t ever remember hearing the birds (apart from a few pigeons) whilst living in London.

I remember sitting at my desk one day, looking out of the window into the square atrium filled with ventilation ducts that rose up between the offices and thinking, ‘I need to leave here and be somewhere better’.

I was desperate to escape.

Which brings me to this video and  how I wish I’d known about this train.

Night Train London Cornwall-2

Return of The Night Train

Now that the main train line to Cornwall is open again (the roads were never closed!) and this wonderful video has been produced… I thought we should celebrate this event and publicise it on iLoveLooe.

It looks like a wonderful journey and one that I might have to make one day, even if just to prove that not all train journeys are a drag.

Leave a train riding comment below

I’d love to get your comments and know if anyone has taken this train…

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