Fireworks in Looe – BACK ON for New Year Cellebrations

Fireworks in LooeFollowing on from our earlier news item about the fireworks in Looe being cancelled, here is a quick update to let you know they are BACK ON – yipeeeeee.

Back in September we wrote about the sad fact that the Looe firework display was going to be cancelled on New Years Eve due to lack of money.

Well you’ll be glad to know that after some hard bargaining, hard work and downright devoted duty to serve the local community, several individuals have managed to resurrect the now famous New Years Eve Firework celebrations in Looe, Cornwall.

What can we say apart from well done all involved?

We certainly had nothing to do with it but our news item did highlight the fact that it was something businesses and residents of Looe cared about and cared about enough to sort it out.

Earlier today we added the good news to the forums and the fact that the organisers still need to raise several hundred pounds for the fireworks themselves which leads me onto the next point.

Please give generously wherever you see a Firework collection point in Looe or contact the organisers directly for information on how you can help.

Also… help is still needed on the night and the following day.

On New Years Eve, people are needed to help marshall the event and on New Years Day to clean up the beach and surrounding area. Hopefully we’ll be there to help clean up. Why not come along and join us.

Please phone Michala and volunteer now.
For more information see below.

Slightly adapted from the organisers pen – “Looe Fireworks are being organised by a group of local people who want to see the traditional midnight display on New Years Eve continue this year and well into the future.

The Looe firework display is being supported by the Town Council, Looe Chamber of Commerce, SECTA and local residents of Looe who have all given generously to the cause.

Permissions for the firework display have been granted and the fireworks booked.

For more information on events, sponsorship and how you can help, please contact Michala Powell on: 01503 265677”.

To contact her by email, please contact us and we will pass your details on.

Happy Christmas and See you on New Years Eve.

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