Flooding in Looe

It’s true that very occasionally, when there is an unusually high spring tide combined with a storm that Looe town centre does get sea water in the high street – it’s very infrequent.

The other thing to note is that when the tide begins to recede so does the water.

Looe does not suffer from flooding!


Looe does not suffer from flooding in the same way as other towns or areas in the UK. The flooding in Looe is always tidal sea water related. It’s not related to fresh water in the river running off the surrounding hills or flash downpour flooding that you see in other towns around the UK.

It’s for these reasons that I have decided to take down most of my ‘flooding in Looe’ photos because I feel it’s sending out the wrong impression or our lovely town.

The future

I will not take pictures of these events again as feel that Looe has suffered from far too much media interest on the seldom occasions that it happens.

Can you believe that the BBC were here in 2014 and we made the national 10 o’clock news . I was even in their film clip! It was totally unjustified and sent everyone the impression the we were suffering a disaster.

I am sure you understand why I am doing this and look forward to showing you why Looe is so wonderful in the future.