Gold Cup awards

Looe Gold CupGold Cup awards are new to iLoveLooe and my way of highlighting the great people and businesses in Looe that support iLoveLooe.

Any business listing you come across with a ‘Gold Cup’ award actively supports iLoveLooe and helps keep the website and Looe App alive. Please look out for them when surfing the website and support them if you can – they’re fab 🙂

Gold Cup and other iLoveLooe website updates

If you follow iLoveLooe on Facebook you’ll be aware of the updates I’ve made to the website and App over the last week or two. For those of you new to iLoveLooe or if you’re not a Facebook or Twitter user, here is a quick rundown.

  1. ‘Gold Cup’ – award icon added to businesses who actively support iLoveLooe.
  2. Added a ‘Read More…’ link to business listings. Click it to expand and show more details.
  3. Introduced ‘Click Me’ icons if a business has more details you should take a look at.
  4. Redesigned the ‘Accommodation in Looe‘ page on the website.
  5. Redesigned the ‘Looe Hotels‘ page on the website.
  6. Redesigned the ‘Bed and Breakfast Looe‘ page n the website.
  7. Redesigned the ‘Self Catering Looe‘ page on the website.
  8. Changed the way the above business details are displayed on the website.
  9. Updated the App home page with a Looe Music Festival feature.
  10. Added a new ‘Festivals’ section to the App.
  11. Added a Looe Music Festival gig guide and timetable to the App.
  12. Launched the new iLoveLooe Looe 2013 Calendar on the website.
  13. Launched the monthly prize draws on the website via the iLoveLooe newsletter.
  14. Removed the top navigation bar to simplify your search on the website.
  15. Started streamlining the navigation throughout the website.
  16. Various other enhancements behind the scenes.

All of the above changes are helping to make iLoveLooe even easier to use and more adaptable to future upgrades I have planned. More news on them a little later 😉

‘Gold Cup’ awards

ilovelooe supporter

‘Click Me’ icons

Looe supporter icons

‘Looe Hotels’ banner

Looe Hotels

‘Bed and Breakfast Looe’ banner

Bed and Breakfast Looe

‘Self Catering Looe’ banner

Self Catering Looe

New home page screen and festivals page on the App

Looe Music Festival App Homepage

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