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The Google Map to Looe is showing incorrect information about the roads into Looe! In fact, it has removed the main route into the town. Heaven help us!

If you use Google Maps on your smart phone, tablet or PC for planning your route into Looe, switch it off, read on and print out MY map at the bottom of this post.

If you’re in Looe and want to use this map for free, you can link to this page or download the map and put it on your own website. I hope it helps.

Note: As of this morning (2nd May 2013) I have logged into Google and submitted an update, correcting the road information. Until they have updated the map, please use the info below.


Blue sky over Looe Harbour postcardLooe is open, just as lovely as always and contrary to mass media reports (Google, newspapers, radio and TV), Looe is not a disaster zone.

The trouble with these big news suppliers is that they want to sensationalize everything in order to sell products and advertising, but what they don’t do is correct the old information… good news doesn’t sell as well!

Anyway, rant over. Here are the correct road access details for your journey into Looe.

Looe road access details


The B3253 St Martin’s Road into Looe is CLOSED just after Barclay House.
Do not use the St Martin’s Road to get into Looe. Access as far as Barclay House (lovely place and open as usual) is fine.


The A387 Sandplace Road into Looe is OPEN.
The Sandplace Road provides very easy access into and out of Looe.

ALL other roads into Looe are OPEN
If you’re coming from the west then the A387 Polperro Road is open as usual, providing easy access to East Looe and West Looe and the car parks in town.

How to get to Looe from the east – A38

(Plymouth, Devon, Somerset, Dorset etc)

When you get to the Trerulefoot Roundabout on the A38 (Shell garage/Route 66 café), turn left onto the A374 and then the A387 to Looe as usual.

A38 Trerulefoot roundabout

You then have two options depending on whether you want to go into Looe or visit anywhere up to Barclay House on the B3253 St Martin’s Road. There is no access to Looe via the B3253 past Barclay House. Do NOT follow your Sat Nav.

A387 Widegates Junction

Option 1 – Visit Looe

9.7 miles – 19 minutes

A38 – Trerulefoot roundabout – Turn left onto the A374

A374 – Turn right onto the A387 to Looe

A387 – Continue to follow the A387 by turning right at Widegates. DO NOT carry straight on to Looe along the B3253. See image above.

A387 – Follow the A387 all the way into Looe.
You will pass Sandplace (Polraen Country House on your right), drive along beside the Looe River and Looe Valley train line (very picturesque) and eventually pop out into Looe in the normal place, passing Looe train station.

Option 2 – Visit Tregoad Park, Dovers House, Looe Bay Holiday Park and Barclay House

7.7 miles – 14 minutes

A38 – Trerulefoot roundabout – Turn left onto the A374

A374 – Turn right onto the A387 to Looe

A387 – Continue past Widegates i.e. carry straight on to Looe. The A387 becomes the B3253.

A387 – Follow the B3253 all the way to Barclay House.
You will pass Tregoad Park, Dovers House, Looe Bay Holiday Park and eventually Barclay House.

If you attempt to get into Looe this way, you will be turned around!

DO NOT follow your Sat Nav.

Looe MapUse this map for getting into Looe

Print out the map to Looe to help you with your journey.

DOWNLOAD LINK —> [download id=”9280″] <— DOWNLOAD LINK

Looe Map

Local Businesses

If you are local business and you care about your customers, help them out by sharing this map.

You can either:

1. Link to where we will have the latest updates to the map


2. Download the map and host it on your own website. Please link back to and do not change the map.

Updates to the map and new downloads will be made available when the road situation changes.



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