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iLoveLooe iconHey everyone, I’ve updated the iLoveLooe icon.

This is being used wherever I can i.e. Twitter, Facebook and anywhere else that seems appropriate. Please keep an eye out for it.

You can check out the iLoveLooe Twitter page here if you’re not familiar with it. If you’re already on Twitter then why not follow iLoveLooe. It’s quick, easy and will keep you in touch with everything that goes on in Looe.

If you’re a Facebook fan then you can check tout the iLoveLooe Facebook page here. We have a great community on Facebook and would love to have you with us too – if you’re not already.

New iLoveLooe service

I am about to launch a completely new iLoveLooe service in the next couple of weeks.

It’s a freebie and will be extremely useful for anyone in Looe or coming to Looe for a holiday. I’ve also built in some fun stuff too. 🙂

Again the icon being used will be this one, so keep your eyes open. I’ll post here when everything is ready.

Cheers for now.


iLoveLooe icon     iLoveLooe icon     iLoveLooe icon

If you like the new icon I’d be really happy if you’d give it a ‘Like’ on Facebook or mention it to your Twitter followers. Your support for ilovelooe is really appreciated. Links to the various services are below.

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Cornwall was always one of our dream places to live, so we upped sticks in 2007 and moved to Looe. I now run and various social media locations for Looe on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Say 'Hi' sometime.