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iLoveLooe PodcastThe iLoveLooe Podcast for Looe and South East Cornwall is live 🙂

After 365 days of photographing Looe more-or-less each and every day for the Looe Daily Photo Project (completed at the weekend), I am looking forward to tackling something new.

Podcasting seems the next logical step and I’ve been thinking about creating a podcast about Looe and South East Cornwall for almost a year but it took some courage to sit down/stand up and talk into a microphone! I’m not a natural public speaker, never been a DJ, never enjoyed acting as a kid either so I guess that’s why there’s been such a delay. Still, we’re here now so let’s have some fun with it…

Podcast Numero Uno

The first podcast below is an introduction to iLoveLooe, the website, App and the podcast in general. I also use it to lead into the following ‘shortcasts’ which are interviews with various stall holders who took part in the Looe Festival of Food and Drink last weekend. A big thank you to everyone who took the time to chat and overcome their fears at the same time as I was. I hope it wasn’t too painful 😉

iLoveLooe Podcast in iTunes

The iLoveLooe Podcast has been submitted to iTunes, and if it’s accepted, will be available for you to subscribe to and get updates automatically via your PC or mobile phone.

I’ll announce the outcome from Apple when I’ve heard back via this webpage, my Facebook page and the ilovelooe Twitter account. Please ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ iLoveLooe if you have either of these accounts to get the latest news.

If you don’t, please subscribe to the RSS feed or the iLoveLooe mailing list as there are some great competitions and surprises in store for mailing list subscribers in the next few weeks.

Let’s go…

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iLoveLooe Podcast ‘Looe Festival of Food and Drink’ episodes

Below are the first few podcasts from the Looe Food Festival 2012.

The recordings get better in quality as you progress through them

I will release the remaining podcasts tomorrow once I have edited and uploaded them… stay tuned.

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