iPhone Photos of Looe

It seems that all I have on me for taking photos for iLoveLooe at the moment, is my phone.

It’s not as good as my DSLR but needs must, so I’m going to start adding photos from the phone to iLoveLooe – here’s one I snapped yesterday on my way back from work in Liskeard.

View from Looe golf course

I’ve been snapping lots of pics on my phone lately, mainly panoramas of the countryside around Looe and places we’ve visited at weekends etc. I’ll post them up here for you to see over the coming weeks.

Infact, I’m going to try and upload more, shorter posts from now on. That’s the plan anyway.

Writing the longer news updates just takes too long, and from what I’ve heard, people prefer my images to reading a mass of rambling words.

So… carry on… and see you soon.


P.S. if you have a website in or about Looe, would you mind linking back to www.iLoveLooe.co.uk?

It would be really appreciated 🙂

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