Is having a Tesco in Looe really a bad thing?

Tesco in Looe

This is a Guest Post by Ben Holtam – Looe resident.

It seems only a matter of time now that one of the major stores venture into Looe and with that store possibly going to be Tesco, I ask the question; would that really be a bad thing?

The most popular answer seems to be yes, but why?

Well, again the popular answer is that it would “kill the town”, but how?

Who out of us does our weekly shop at Morrisons in Liskeard or perhaps even further afield?

Why should we have to get up on a Saturday or Sunday morning and drive out of the town rather than popping up to the Barbican?

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How local are our shops anyway?

Is Co-Op a locally owned shop?

How about Boots?

Perhaps Spar?

These shops all buy their goods from companies who aren’t local suppliers. I believe that the Barbican and West Looe Londis’ buy from local farmers or distributers but the others certainly don’t.

It is now a fact of life that within Cornwall local shops are disappearing. I can remember the days when in Looe we had 4 butchers but they all closed down way before having a Tesco in Looe was even discussed.

There are now only a few places where you can buy vegetables and no designated newsagents anywhere in the town. We all already use supermarkets in one way, shape or form.

Now what about the things Supermarkets sell that you cannot buy in Looe. Imagine not having to travel to St. Austell, Bodmin or Plymouth to buy basic school uniform for starters. How about DVDs, games & music CDs? All sold at supermarket prices.

Personally, I think about what it would be like to not have to pay seemingly tourist’s prices at the fuel pump in the Texaco garage on Station Road. In other towns where there is more than one fuel station, prices are greatly cheaper. I also believe that it would encourage existing local shops to smarten up their act which can only be good for the likes of us, the consumer.

Value for money

I do wonder whether or not we get value for our money within Looe seeing as it’s a tourist destination. Does anyone else feel that we locals are being somewhat ripped off when paying up to a pound for a bottle of mineral water?

Now, should our default response to having a Tesco in Looe really be “No”? Or perhaps should we be thinking “Yes”?

Ben Holtam

Please leave your thoughts and replies to Ben’s thoughts below.

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