Looe at Christmas

Do you do your Christmas shopping in Looe?
Did you know that Looe has NEW Christmas Lights this year?
Did you know that Looe has a huge range of independent shops, cafes and restaurants all open every day leading up to Christmas?

Did you know that shopping in Looe for Christmas is a pleasure? No? Well read on…

For most of us the period leading up to Christmas can be a stressful time.

There are presents to buy, visits to organise, children to please, decorations to put up and food to prepare. All in all it makes for a full-on few weeks with nothing but the reward of some fluffy socks and a Christmas bottle of Dry Sherry!

Why bother? I’ll tell you why.

After all the hassle and stress you get to sit down with those who stick by you thick and thin. People who care about you and what happens to you. Friends and family who know you, have shared good and sad times with you. People who think you’re OK, the bees-knees and the best. That’s why.

So this year I thought I’d extoll the virtues of a stress free run up to Christmas by giving you the low-down on Looe and all the great things Looe has to offer at Christmas.
So let’s begin

Car parking – No problem! There are hundreds of car and coach parking spaces in the Millpool Car Park.

Shops -Looe has dozens of independent shops all selling something different from the high street norm! If you can’t find something special or unusual in Looe you’ll not find it anywhere!

Cafés – Looe loves cosy-n-warm cafés! We know how to make the perfect cup of coffee and serve good quality home made cakes.

Restaurants – Some of the best places to eat in Cornwall are in Looe. Our restaurants serve fresh home made dishes using the best local ingredients. For a decent bite to eat to keep you going, Looe doesn’t disappoint.

Pubs – Most pubs in Looe serve home made food whilst others concentrate on serving a great tasting pint. Either way they’re all friendly, welcoming and full of Christmas Cheer.

Hotels – Looe has more hotels than you can shake a lobster at, many of them with fantastic views of Looe and Looe Bay.

B&Bs – Looe specialises in traditional guesthouses with breakfasts you just love waking up to.

Self-catering – In and around Looe there are dozens of farm cottages, quaint fishing cottages, town houses and flats for rental over the Christmas period.
But the best thing about Looe at Christmas is…

…you don’t get huge seething crowds of shoppers.

Sure the summer can be a little busy but Christmas in Looe runs at a slower pace. Looe is calm, you have time to think, the kids are safe from traffic and people enjoy mooching around and taking their time.

Let’s face it, why go to a place like Plymouth or Truro. You can’t park and you’ll probably get squashed by the hordes of other Christmas shoppers!

NO I say.

Come to Looe for Christmas and enjoy yourself.

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