No Looe Calendar For 2015

Chris HallsWe’ve been having a naff time of it lately.

As a result I haven’t managed to produce the iLoveLooe Calendar for 2015 or many other things for that matter!

For everyone who’s been asking me about the calendar, I offer my sincerest apologies for the delay in replying to you.

It’s been remiss and rude but I hope the following will go someway to explaining what’s been going on recently and why nothing has been happening around here since October last year!

This blog post is both an explanation and a personal rant… if you don’t want to read it, I’ll understand.

Moving on…

Moving house

When we sold up in Sussex and moved to Looe (over 8 years ago), the sale and purchase procedure went through very smoothly.

It was not stressful in any way.

A dream move you might say.

Ah, sweet memories!

However, for one reason and another we sold our house in Looe back in August last year.

Since then, two house purchases have fallen through and we’ve been living out of county with relatives and in various holiday cottages in and around Looe.

I know people put up with much worse and many of you have probably put up with similar, but for us it’s been very unsettling and caused a whole heap of distress, frustration and lack of sleep.

It’s also effected my work on iLoveLooe, the 2015 calendar and some other ideas I have for the website.

Moving from Looe was no fun at all!

3rd time lucky

Eventually, and much to our relief, the third house went through and so we now have somewhere near Looe to call home again.

We’re still really close, just 90 seconds by car, but I do miss being in the town and popping down to the shops, wandering along the beach and bumping into friends.

If you live in Looe you’ll know what I mean, but at least we have a permanent roof over our heads now, and place we can call home.

90 seconds from Looe too – I can’t complain.


You may or not be aware that I am a designer and photographer by trade.

I’ve worked in central London offices and from home, and both offer quite different routes to making a living. For the record, I’ve enjoyed and hated both!

Our previous house in Looe had a great office space which enabled me to watch the children grow up and develop iLoveLooe. I loved it and it was a rare privilege which ended when we moved and the first two houses fell through. Both also had good office space.

Where we live now is a lovely house but has no room to work from.

I did try and find office space in Looe and there are plenty of empty rooms and floors above businesses, but none of them were ‘available’ and so it wasn’t to be.

Friends to the rescue

Initially I was rather worried but two people in Looe very kindly offered me temporary office space.

To one I am very grateful for the offer and to the other I will always be eternally grateful.

Both bolstered my faith in the human spirit. Not only were they both very kind and welcoming, but they were also supportive when I needed it the most.

I’ll not mention names here but if you read this then you will know who you are. Thank you once again.

A new office and a new start

I now find myself running my business from offices in Liskeard high street.

Liskeard is an interesting town. It was featured on TV as part of the Mary Portas town revival series and has many hidden nooks and crannies.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to start an iLoveLiskeard. As much as I like it, I have enough to do keeping iLoveLooe running!

I have no plans to stop writing and adding pictures etc to iLoveLooe. In fact I have many more ideas to push your way over the coming months.

I even think it will be for the best, as every time I go into Looe I miss it even more.

This brings with it a renewed enthusiasm and fresh perspective.

Something we all need from time to time.


So, my apologies once again to everyone who contacted me about the calendar through iLoveLooe, Facebook and Twitter.

I didn’t mean not to reply, just things have been too busy and stressful to do everything I wanted to.

I WILL be producing a new calendar for Looe for 2016.

As I now have somewhere to store them, I’ll be putting them into production in the next few weeks.

Thank you for your patience and Happy New Year to you all.

Lets hope for a better year than the last 🙂



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