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A Looe calendar magazine – whatever next!

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Well, if you haven’t bought a calendar yet (shock horror 😉 ) I thought you might like to see the images nice and big in all their juicy colour and detail.

Looe Calendar Magazine 2013The magazine features all the images in the 2013 calendar and I plan to release more magazines for last year’s calendar and all future calendars! I thought it might help your purchase decision 🙂

Do you like the new magazine format? I’d love to know via the comment box below.

iLoveLooe January magazine

I’m working on the January issue of the iLoveLooe magazine at the moment and it’s looking good. It will come out about a week into January after I’ve had a chance to include some images from the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Then I’m onto the February magazine which will be a valentines issue and probably all pink, fluffy and covered in chocolates – only kidding.

Anyway, I hope you like the Looe calendar magazine. Please share the link to this page or the magazine with anyone you know.

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