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Morning All.

Lovely day in Looe this morning. According to my phone it’s a balmy 5 degrees centigrade or 41 degrees fahrenheit if you’re old skool 😉

We seem to have escaped the latest round of snow and ice which the rest of the country has been enjoying and as far as I can recollect, we’ve only had three frosty mornings so far this winter.

The lack of snow and some chilly weather poses two problems for me:

  1. A distinct lack of cold, frosty and snowy photographs of Looe.
  2. My children haven’t experienced the joy building a decent snowman yet!

Now you might think this is a tad trite but when you look at their brave attempt at making a snowman, you’ll realise what a disappointment the lack of cold weather is.

So where am I going with this post?

Well, I just wanted to let you know how the Looe Daily Photo project is coming along nicely with or without any snow.

If you haven’t checked out the images lately, you should take a look to see what’s new. The project is now on day 257 which is a photograph of waves rolling in at Portnadler Bay which isn’t far from Looe along the coastal path to Polperro.

Below is a snapshot from the Looe Daily Photo gallery page. Click it to have a rummage through the images and let me know your favourites. Portnadler to pasties, which images do you prefer?



Looe Daily Photo Gallery

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