Looe Daily Photo – weekly roundup

Last week’s photos of Looe were a mixed bunch with pictures of Looe from Looe Island to a steam train puffing it’s way up the Looe Valley Line back to Liskeard.

For me the Looe Daily photo project just shows the diversity of photographs that can be taken wherever you live. If you’re a photographer and take pictures of your home town, do drop me a line or leave a comment, I’d love to see what you’re taking pictures of.

If you’ve taken some pictures of Looe then why not join our Flickr group. We currently have 40 members and over 400 photos in the photo stream.

So, back to last week’s photos…

The Looe Daily Photo – weekly roundup

Remember, you can see all the pictures so far and a new picture each day in the Looe Daily Photo Gallery.

Looe from Looe Island

Have you been to St George’s Island yet? If not, you should. Book the ferry from the quay and take a two hour trip. You can walk around the island, maybe see some seals and then enjoy the beautiful sandy beach before returning on the ferry. For more information, check out the the Cornwall Wildlife Trust website.

Steam Train on the Looe Valley Line

Last year the Looe Valley Line was 150 years old. To celebrate I produced a limited edition poster which you can buy for £10 including postage. This photo was taken as the steam train puffed its way back up to Liskeard.

Looking towards  Rame Head from St George’s Island

We took the ferry to St George’s Island last year for father’s day. It was a glorious day and we went with a couple of other families (friends) as a special surprise father’s day out. It was a really lovely day. I think this picture sums it up for me and I can remember the feeling of peace and quiet that the Island affords. A special place.

Fishing boat in the mist

This photo was taken a month or so ago. It was so calm and peaceful that morning and having the boat in the midst of it all was a real bonus. I think these sea mists (is this the right description?) must only appear in the spring and at certain tides. I haven’t seen one for a while now.

Looe Beach on a hot summer day

I took this photo coming back from our father’s day trip. I just love the Banjo Pier and all the people on the beach. Sorry these pictures are so small on the web, the originals are much better as they are larger and show much more detail.

The St George’s Island Ferry

Wow, I’d forgotten how lovely the sea looked that day. We could have been in the Med. or Australia!

Huge crab on beach

This was a bit of a joke – really! Last year for April 1st I made a huge sand rabbit so to continue the beach theme this year I created this huge crab. Silly bit of fun and although I never expected anyone to believe it I didn’t get one comment about it either 🙁 How sad is that?

That’s a wrap folks

I hope you’re continuing to enjoy the photos. Do let me know in the comments below. Cheers. Chris.

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