Looe Daily Photo – weekly roundup

I should have written this post a few days a go but I was in Falmouth enjoying a riverside apartment for a few days 🙂 .

I really like Falmouth (I nearly went to college there but in the end decided on South Wales – oops!). It’s a rather like a much larger version of Looe in that it’s a working town with a river, harbour, lot’s of independent shops and bags of character. Anyway, that’s the reason the Looe Daily Photo weekly roundup didn’t get published on time.

So, here for your scrutiny are last week’s photos. They include everything from early morning mist rising from the Looe River to an abstract black and white picture of the steps at Pennyland Rocks. I hope you like them and don’t forget that you can see them all in the Gallery.

The Looe Daily Photo – weekly roundup

Remember, you can see all the pictures so far and a new picture each day in the Looe Daily Photo Gallery.

Seagulls in the morning mist

This moody picture was taken a couple of months back. The gulls looked like they were standing on a rock in a hot bath. The tide was rushing out of the river at the time and I guess when the temperature of the sea and river water collided it caused this amazing effect. It was a truly beautiful morning.

Mist rising from Looe River

This picture was taken on the same day as the one above and I use it for the masthead of ilovelooe.co.uk at the moment. I’ve seen some fabulous pictures of this before by another local photographer where he had also managed to get a boat in the picture on the way out to sea. I wish I could remember his name – if you know, do drop me a line.

Looe War Memorial

The War Memorial is beside the bridge and one of the first things you see as you walk into town. I often wonder how many people ever stop to look at it and I expect it’s not many, which is a shame. Next time you’re passing, spare a few moments to think of those whose names are carved there in the stone.

Looe Harbour Entrance

I love this sign at the entrance to the harbour. The fact that it’s there and that it’s followed by a full stop – I love it. There’s no mistaking where you are if you’re coming into the town by sea. I guess the Banjo Pier and look of the town’s seafront isn’t enough!

Steps into the river at Pennyland Rocks

I just liked the way the light on the steps created this pattern. It made me think of M.C.Escher’s drawings. Are they going up or down?

Early morning mist rising from Looe River

Another early morning mist picture. I know they’re the same subject but it’s the difference that light can make that made me add this one as well. You can clearly see the boundary line where the river and sea water meet.

Birds on West Looe Beach

I have been told these birds are Turnstones, so based on that here is some information about them. Turnstones have a mottled appearance with brown or chestnut and black upperparts and brown and white or black and white head pattern. Turnstone underparts are white with orange legs. Most of their time is spent looking amongst rocks, picking out food from under stones – hence the name I guess. Many thanks to Phil at thehiker.co.uk for the heads up.

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