Looe Daily Photo – weekly roundup

The Looe Daily Photo - Weekly RoundupThe Looe Daily photo project is coming along nicely. I now have 37 photos in the Looe Daily Photo gallery. 365 still seems a long way off at the moment!

The previous week saw photos ranging from Gig race practice to Banjos on the Banjo Pier and what a great event that was.

This week I’ve added photographs of the Looe Fish Market, the Typhoon taking fishermen out on a deep sea fishing day trip, a tick lipped grey mullet which I caught (and released) in the Looe river last summer, an RAF helicopter which flew over my head as I was fishing, a beautiful picture of crystal clear water in the Looe river and some shrimps the children and I caught whilst rock-pooling on East Looe beach.

On Sunday I took some pictures and video of what I think were two SBS armoured RIBs going up and down the Looe River. I’ll add them to the gallery asap.

To see the photographs, click the “Read More” link.

The Looe Daily Photo – weekly roundup

So here are the photos from last week. Of course you can see all the pictures so far and a new picture each day in the Looe Daily Photo Gallery.

The Looe Fish Market

It was a cold and frosty morning back in the winter (2011) when I took this photo of the fish market and East Looe clock tower. It makes me cold just looking at it now.

The Typhoon

Phil Curtis owns and runs the Typhoon fishing boat. I designed Phil’s fishing trips website and can recommend him for any fishing trips you might want to take in the summer. He does commercial fishing throughout the winter and is an excellent skipper.

Thick Lipped Grey Mullet

Mullet are a tricky fish to catch. This little ‘un was caught (and released) in the Looe River using white bread. The little white things on it’s side are bubbles. My largest to date has been a 5.5lb fish but that was caught in the River Arun in Sussex in 2009 which was a good year. 2010 bombed out for me as most of the fish in Looe seemed to disappear half way through the season!

RAF helicopter

I tend to have a camera with me wherever I go and that includes when I’m fishing! Last year I was enjoying a quiet moment when this monster flew about 20 metres above my head. It was complete chaos for about 4 seconds as the water went wild and I thought i was going to be blown away. It was an extraordinary moment.

Crystal Clear Water

Quiet often the water in the Looe River is so clear it’s like the Med. These days are special and the clarity and patterns the lights and water make are mesmerising. Roll on summer!


Rock-pooling in Looe can be a disappointing affair, especially if you have children and go at the wrong time of year. The little nets they sell you on the way to the beach are superb but if there is nothing to catch, then the look of disappointment on the children’s faces can be heartbreaking! Needless to say, if you head down to the rock-pools late summer you will be rewarded. We’ve caught (and released) everything from huge shrimps, prawns, spider crab and small fish. It’s great fun for all the family – especially me!


I took this picture next to the Nelson the Seal statue on Pennyland Rocks. I just loved the way the shells had all collected in this one place.

As always, I’d love to hear your comments. Cheers, Chris.

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