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Today’s Looe Daily Photo – Day 156, is probably the most photographed view in Looe. I see so many people taking this picture as they come into the town for the first time. It’s a stunning view down river of Looe Harbour and although I prefer it at high tide, a low tide picture can be just as good. If you have any pictures of Looe you’d like to share, join our Flickr group and upload them for free.

This morning the weather in Looe was warm and breezy with scattered clouds but mainly sunny. Well it was when I went running this morning at about 8am.

Re. running and on a more personal note and for all of you who follow ilovelooe on a regular basis, I’m now officially down to 11.5 stone from 13.5 which I weighed last November. It’s quite a milestone for me as it’s my ‘ideal’ weight. Being over weight and unfit was taking a real toll on me both physically and psychologically and the regular exercise and eating properly has worked wonders, well that and the lovely fresh air we get here in Looe.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Here’s today’s photo – Looe Harbour at low tide, early in the morning. Cheers. Chris.

Looe Harbour

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