Looe and the future of iLoveLooe

Hi friends and visitors to iLoveLooe.

It’s been a while since I posted anything on the blog, but summer’s nearly here and life is settling down into a routine once again.

Various things have contributed to the lack of updates but if you read my previous post, you’ll understand that things have changed a little at iLoveLooe towers

A quick recap…

  1. We now live just outside Looe – 90 seconds by car to be precise.
    It’s a long way when there are so many other things that need doing and a wage to be earned!
  2. I now commute (LOL) to my business in Liskeard.
    Looe is seriously lacking in office space for small businesses and this means I can’t be there during the day to cover local events etc.
  3. I became very despondent with local support for iLoveLooe.
    I know Looe doesn’t owe me anything but you would think iLoveLooe.co.uk, the Looe App and a host of social media entities all about Looe, would garner more local business support.
  4. Google continue to seriously hack me off.
    No matter how hard I try, I struggle with getting iLoveLooe up the rankings.
    If you can link your website or social media site to www.iLoveLooe.co.uk, this would really help and be much appreciated.

Looe Beach Banjo Pier

A new direction for iLoveLooe or just quit?

After a great deal of thought, it’s clear to me now that I have two options…

  1. Seek a new direction for iLoveLooe.
  2. Stop developing iLoveLooe and put my efforts into something else.

What do you think, I’d be interested to know?

I started iLoveLooe because…

Originally my idea for iLoveLooe was to aid and support the marketing and publicity of the town and its businesses via the web.

I have definitely done this, and dare I say it, pretty well over the last few years.

Sure there have been a few hiccups, the forum in particular springs to mind, but all in all, I think iLoveLooe has been a positive for Looe, rather than a negative.

Perhaps you don’t agree… I’d be interested to know via the comments below.

However, the direction of iLoveLooe needs to change and here’s why…

Shocking websites and online presence

When we moved to Looe, the websites that represented the town were shockingly bad and very poor quality. Most of them still are to be honest!

We live in the ‘Web-Age’, where personality, quality and instant information is changing and available all the time. Why is it then, that online, Looe seems to be standing on a beach waiting for a spring tide? We can, should and must do better.

Anyway, this is the gap iLoveLooe intended to fill.

And it does.

To an extent.

But it could be so much better!

The future

Running iLoveLooe takes a great deal of time, energy and I have to say it, cash.

Without some income, the future of iLoveLooe hangs in the balance.

And this is what worries me.

So things need to change.

Thanks for reading so far.

I have to get on with fee paying work now so I will continue this post next week.



P.S. Please leave any ideas, suggestions and comments in the comments below.

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Cornwall was always one of our dream places to live, so we upped sticks in 2007 and moved to Looe. I now run iLoveLooe.co.uk and various social media locations for Looe on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Say 'Hi' sometime.