Looe Lugger Regatta 2013

Looe Lugger Regatta 2013Looe Lugger Regatta 2013 is upon us and I imagine the luggers are on their way as I type this – better get a move – me that is!

Looe Lugger Festival

The Looe Lugger Regatta is held once every two years and is a very special event. Luggers come from all over the UK and even some from France including a couple of three-masted luggers called the Carontin and the La Cancalaise. Both are magnificent boats.

Speaking of three-masted luggers, there will be a new (literally) boat here this year called the Grayhound which was launched at Millbrook in south east Cornwall on August 4th 2012. The Grayhound will be the largest lugger at the regatta at 108ft overall (64ft on deck) and is sure to cause a stir.

What’s On during the Looe Lugger Regatta weekend?

Looe Lugger Regatta 2013 schedule

Friday 14th June

Briefing and regatta welcoming party in the Looe fish market on East Looe Quay from 7.30pm

Entertainment, buffet and bar provided for competitiors and guests only.

Saturday 15th June

First regatta event

  • 11am – Class D
  • 11.10am – Class A and B
  • 11.20am – Class C

Second regatta event

  • Start at approx 3pm

Evening: Social evening in the Looe fish market with ska band the Mighty Offbeats. Everyone welcome. Tickets £5 each. Bar. Food nearby in Looe.

Sunday 16th June

No sailing due to poor tides but luggers will be moored up in Looe or Looe Bay which is alway a magnificent sight.

Prize giving, buffet and bar in the fish market for competitors and guests only.

Luggers in Looe over the regatta weekend

Class A

  1. Alert of Fowey
  2. Barnabas (SS 634)
  3. Eileen (FY 310)
  4. Erin
  5. George Glasson (2263)
  6. Girl Sybil (PZ 595)
  7. Gladys (PL 61)
  8. Grace (PZ 8)
  9. Guide Me (FY233)
  10. Guiding Star (FY 363)
  11. Happy Return (FE 5)
  12. I.R.I.S (FY 357)
  13. Le Grande Lejon (SB 658)
  14. Moose
  15. Ocean Pearl (PD 393)
  16. Our Boys (FY 221)
  17. Our Daddy (FY 7)
  18. Peggy H
  19. Reliance (FY 59)
  20. Ripple (SS 19)
  21. Rose of Argyll
  22. Rosie
  23. Snowdrop (PZ 144 / FY 104)
  24. Spirit of Mystery
  25. Sun Guide
  26. Three Brothers (L1 247)

Classes B and C

  1. Alice may
  2. Andorra (PZ 288)
  3. Edith (Fy 92)
  4. Elisabeth Mary (FY 28)
  5. Gannet (25 E)
  6. Helen B Merry (SS 634)
  7. Jade (E 159 / 634)
  8. Joyance (FY 328)
  9. Mariner (636)
  10. Percy Mitchell (14)
  11. Silver Stream (FM 51)
  12. Spinaway X
  13. The Royal Oak (PZ 56)
  14. Three Johns (SS 634)

Class B Beer Luggers

  1. Brenda Jane (69)
  2. Butterfly
  3. Eleanor
  4. Mayflower
  5. Moondance (12)
  6. Nuddy
  7. Puffin (8)
  8. Sea Witch
  9. Scrumpy (4)
  10. Shadow (3)
  11. Thongsong (6)
  12. Twilight (28)
  13. White Spirit

Class D

  1. Carontin
  2. Grayhound
  3. La Cancalaise (CAN 87)

Others to look out for

  1. Maret
  2. Vigilance
  3. Keewaydin

For more details about the luggers be sure to pick up a leaflet in Looe produced especially for the weekend.

Looe Lugger Ragatta galleries

Looe Lugger Regattas If you’d like to see photographs of past Looe Lugger Regattas, there are galleries here: Looe Lugger Regatta galleries

There are dozens of photos from 2009 and 2011.

I’ll upload the 2013 photos to the gallery page after this wekend.

See you there 🙂

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