New Looe Map

Looe MapAs promised I have updated the Looe map to help everyone coming to Looe.

Why? Well the St Martin’s Road is still closed at Barclay House and now open and there is no direct access into Looe via the B3253.

If you’re coming into Looe, please download and print out the map below and take your preferred route in.

The Looe Map

The new Looe map is a very small pdf file and will download instantly so you can print it out before you leave.

You may also be able to download the map onto your phone or tablet and view it on there. Give it a go and let me know how you get on.

DOWNLOAD LINK —> [download id=”9280″] <— DOWNLOAD LINK

Looe Map

Local Businesses

If you are local business please share this with your customers.

You can either:

1. Link to where we will have the latest updates to the map


2. Download the map and host it on your own website. Please link back to and do not change the map.

Updates to the map and new downloads will be made available when the road situation changes.

Thank you


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