Looe Music Festival – Making Waves

Adrian Edmonson Looe Music FestivalLooe Music Festival or Making Waves, is the latest and greatest festival to shake up the Looe events calendar. With a huge line up of local and national bands, this music festival should be one of the best Cornwall has seen in years.

So for a quick run down of what’s happening and where, read on…

Looe Music Festival dates

23rd to the 25th September 2011

Only a few days away – buy your tickets now (click the read more link below for details).

Looe Music Festival Venues

There are three main music festival stages in Looe:

  1. Seafront – East Looe
  2. Rose Garden – East Looe near the Guildhall
  3. West Looe – on the quayside near the fire station

Bands and musicians will also be performing around the town in various pubs, bars and restaurants throughout the music festival:

  1. The Globe – Pub opposite train station on Station Road
  2. The Ship – Pub in Fore Street, East Looe
  3. The Bullers – Pub in Buller Street, East Looe
  4. The Fishermans – Pub in Higher Market Street, East Looe
  5. Tom Sawyers – Bar in Marine Drive, Hannafore, West Looe
  6. The Sail Loft – Restaurant in Quay Street, East Looe

So, what bands and muscicians are performing?

The music festival organisers have booked some great bands to play in Looe throughout the event. To find out who and where to buy tickets, click the read more link below.

Looe Music Festival

Read more about the Looe Music festival – Making Waves

Oscar Rodriguez Looe Music FestivalSo here is a list of the bands and musicians performing at the festival. Please let me know if I’ve left anyone out.

  1. Aaron Boughtflower
  2. Adrian Edmondson and The Bad Shepherds
  3. Bird on a wire
  4. Bradlee Burchill
  5. Buswell
  6. Cat’s Eye Morris
  7. Clare Stokes
  8. Company B
  9. Cook and The Case
  10. Cornwall Youth Jazz Orchestra
  11. Dalla
  12. Eclypse
  13. Emma Lauran
  14. Encore school of dance
  15. Fraser
  16. From The Jam
  17. George Nixs
  18. Grooveyard
  19. Hammer & Isaacs
  20. Hungry Bears
  21. Idle Hands
  22. James Shead
  23. Jennifer Crook
  24. Jessica Sweetman
  25. Joe – Le- Cat
  26. John Crampton
  27. John Thorpe
  28. Julian Piper
  29. Jumping Out Jazz Band
  30. Kath and her Bluegrass Boys
  31. Keltique
  32. Kirsti Robinson
  33. Kris Dollimore
  34. Massed Choirs performing at Looe Community School
  35. Mercury Moon
  36. Miner Quay and Friends
  37. Montana’s
  38. Mr Rollo
  39. Oscar Rodriguez
  40. Out of the Boxes
  41. Penndrumm
  42. Pentorr
  43. Peter Crawford
  44. Phantom Limb
  45. Plug 1 and Fat Boy go head to head
  46. Reg Meuross
  47. Richard Bennet’s Roadkill
  48. Rob McGregor
  49. Roger and Viv Bennet
  50. Roy Wood and His Band
  51. Sandfire Siren
  52. Seeker
  53. Seize The Day
  54. Shamrock
  55. Southern Jelly
  56. State of Undress
  57. Steve Harper and The Kingpins
  58. Ten Zero One
  59. The Bounce
  60. The Looe Community School Ensemble
  61. The Normals
  62. The Selecter feat. Pauline Black & Gaps Hendrickson
  63. Tom Palmer
  64. Tosh and Smoking Aloud
  65. Unstrung Heroes

WOW, that’s a huge list! I can’t really believe they’re all coming to Looe!

Big names and local musicians too

Roy Wood Looe Music FestivalDepending on your age (this shows mine!) and I guess what music you like some of the artists above will be more well known than others. I particularly remember:

Adrian Edmondson and The Bad Shepherds – Seafront/Beach stage on Saturday starting at 17:30
The Bad Shepherds play punk songs on folk instruments. Songs by The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Stranglers, The Jam, Sham 69, The Undertones, The Ramones, The Buzzcocks, The Specials, Talking Heads, Squeeze and others, even Kraftwerk could be in the performance!

Roy Wood and His Band – Seafront/Beach stage on Saturday starting at 19:30
Roy Wood was a very successful artist in the ’60s and ’70s bing part of The Move, Electric Light Orchestra, and Wizzard.

But I’ve also seen,heard and really like Jessica Sweetman, who has a powerful voice and excellent vocal range. As I say, I guess it’s what you like and the great thing about the festival is it caters for all ages and musical tastes.

There literally is something here for everyone during the festival including

  • Jazz
  • Rock
  • Folk
  • Blues
  • Hip hop
  • Punk
  • Bluegrass
  • Country
  • Acoustic guitar

The list is long so it’s best you take a look at the official website to find out more – see below.

Music Festival tickets and more information

So you’re interested – great. Here are ticket prices and buy now links which take you through to the official Looe Music Festival website.

Venue(s) Day(s) Age Full price Advance
All venues Saturday & Sunday 18 years & over £40.00 £35.00 Buy now
All venues Saturday & Sunday 14 – 17 years £10.00 £10.00 Buy now
All venues Saturday & Sunday Under 14 years *Free *Free Buy now
All venues Saturday 18 years & over £25.00 £20.00 Buy now
All venues Sunday 18 years & over £25.00 £20.00 Buy now

Jessica Sweetman Looe Music Festival

If you consider how many bands you can go and see over the festival I think these ticket prices are quite extraordinary – they’re a bargain infact! The fact that the organisers are allowing kids in free (with an adult) and teenagers can see everything for a tenner is great. Hats off to them and I hope they sell out – hint – get your tickets now 🙂

More festival information

To find out more about the Looe Music festival and the bands here is a link to the Looe Music Festival website.

Places to stay in and around Looe

If you want to come to the Looe Music Festival but aren’t sure where to stay or where to park, check out our listing below.

Hotels in Looe

Self catering in Looe

B&B in Looe

Parking in Looe

Map of Looe

Your Feedback

Tell me what you think about the festival, if you’re going and who you’re gonna see. Leave your comments below. Cheers. Chris.

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