Looe New Year Celebration Fireworks have been cancelled – apparently!

We’ve just read in the local paper that the fireworks have actually been cancelled this year. Is this a good decision and has anyone told the hordes of people who will be going down to the beach to see them? Read more below and add your comments to the forums.

The New Year firework celebrations in Looe won’t be held again unless we can find money to support the event in future years.

According to Looe Town Council, they have already supported this enough and it’s about time Looe businesses, trades and residents did their bit – well that’s how we understood it anyway.

We were wondering how much the event cost compared to how much money it brings into the town.

From a purely business perspective it must benefit the residents of Looe. Money from visitors goes directly into the pockets of local people whether they are working New Years Eve in a pub, selling breakfasts in the cafes on New Years morning or running hotels and B&Bs.

Which ever way you look at it, Looe is one of the best party places to be on New Years Eve, ranked up there with London and Edinburgh. People come here from all over the country to enjoy the fun, have a drink and cross-dress(!) for the night. Surely we don’t want to ruin this event.

Come on Looe let’s get our heads together and work this one out for next year and maybe even this one if possible.

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