Looe New Years Eve Fancy Dress

Looe fancy dress partyLooe New Years Eve Fancy Dress Party 2012 was pretty special.

It was warm in Looe and dry too. There were the odd spots of rain but nothing to dampen the spirits. People were outside in the street, laughing, singing and having a right jolly old time. It was great to see.

3rd best place in the UK!

You may or may not know that Looe was voted the 3rd best place to party the night away on New Year’s Eve – in the whole of the UK!

We were pipped at the post by London and Edinburgh – I think they bribed the judges myself 😉

If you’ve not been to Looe for New Year before, then you may not be aware that people are out and about in town in all their finery in the early afternoon! Admittedly not many but a few.

You may also not be aware that not turning up in fancy dress is considered very poor show.

If some people in Looe had their way, the ‘non-dressers’ would be thrown in the river! Having said that, most make an excellent effort (as can be seen below) and those that don’t – well, they just look boring!

An early start

This year things started to get interesting about 4.30pm when the children and families arrived, making their way to the East Looe beach. You see, this year was different in that we had a special firework show and fancy dress competition just for them at 6pm. I didn’t take any photos of the children but I can assure you they put in as much effort as the adults.

Looe fancy dress photos – thank you 🙂

This year over 8o groups and individuals posed for me which was really appreciated.

Thank you so much for stopping and making the evening so enjoyable. Without your goodwill none of these pictures would exist and the evening would just be a memory in our own heads. It’s much better to share, so thank you again for your time and smiles.

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