Looe River Canoe Race 2012 – Podcast

Looe podcastThe Looe River Canoe Race 2012 podcast was recorded in the Millpool car park beside the Looe River a few days ago.

It was a lovely evening. The sun came out, the tide was high, the BBQ was gently cooking a fabulous selection of locally produced burgers, sausages and vegetarian foods. A perfect evening 🙂

The event was organised by Andy and Ally from Purely Cornish in Looe and attended by local residents and members of the Fowey River Canoe Club.

Next year, if you’re in Looe, be sure to come down to the slipway at the end of the Millpoool car park and join in.

Whether you’re up for a little bit of paddling or just fancy the food and drink, you’ll not regret it.

Looe River Canoe Race podcast

The podcast is 22.30 minutes in length so please let me know if it’s too long, just perfect or too short 🙂

I’m testing the water (no pun intended!) a little with format, style and length so any feedback you have is much appreciated.

Here’s the podcast…

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Looe River Canoe Race photos

I only took a few snaps as I was concentrating on the podcast – oops! Typical man, no multi-tasking ability 😉


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