Looe votes on the Wooldown

The Wooldown in Looe has been top of the news agenda in Looe for some time now, ever since the Mums of Looe proposed a few additions to the area.

As most of you will know this has sparked a heated debate between the all parties with some quite unjustified remarks being made behind the scenes!

However, the Wooldown is not the only area of outstanding beauty in Looe so perhaps now is the time to take a moment to look at Looe in a holistic way and try to work out what the town means to ALL of us and what we’d like to see it be like in 10, 20, 50 or even a 100 years time – when we’re all ‘pushing-up-the-daisies’!

Mums of Looe

Back in March 2009 Katrina Ring approached me about designing a new website for a group called Mums of Looe.

Website design and hosting being how I make a living, I obviously jumped at the chance and was really pleased to be asked, as I would be if ANY group, business or organisation were to approach me – hint hint 😉

The Mums of Looe have raised some very important questions about the Wooldown that were being ignored or forgotten and in an indirect way the Wooldown might actually become freely accessible to all residents of Looe as it was intended to be.

The Friends of the Wooldown group

I was contacted yesterday by Penny Sykes who organises the official Friends of the Wooldown group.

It was great to hear from Penny as the whole point about ilovelooe is for it to act as a community website and to encourage communication between individuals and organisations in Looe. The Forums and Freepages allow anyone to get involved for FREE!

The re-formation of the official Friends of the Wooldown can only be a good thing. Groups and organisations often lapse into obscurity when the going is easy, so it’s good to hear that so many people are getting involved again. Hopefully this will ensure the Wooldown remains as beautiful in a 100 years time as it is today.
Looe Town Council (LTC) and the Wooldown Vote

A few weeks ago the LTC put out a questionnaire so that everyone in Looe could have their say about the Mums of Looe proposals. A good idea I thought.

The questionnaires are in, the votes have been counted and I have been sent the official press release by Mrs Anne Frith on behalf of the LTC. The results seem to speak for themselves.

If anyone else has anything to add to this please get in-touch.

The official Press Release from LTC

The Wooldown “Residents Survey” says No to any Change!

The proposal by the Mums of Looe for the Wooldown that is generating so much interest in the town received a major setback when Looe Town Council made public the results of the residents survey that it was asked to undertake to try and gauge an opinion on how the Town residents would like to see Wooldown area used in the future.

At the closing date (21st June) Town Clerk Mrs Frith has received 743 completed questionnaires and a staggering 97% of those returned voted to keep the area as it is now.

The outcome of the survey was so conclusive, that the Town Council have taken the view that an open meeting to discuss the results would not be fair to either party and therefore the decision has been taken to cancel the “open” meeting originally planned for 1st July.

Instead the Town Council will make the results of the survey available to East Looe Town Trust so that the Trustees can now make an informed decision on the best way forward for all Town residents.

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