Useful Maps

Below you will find a couple of maps which we hope you’ll find useful. We will update the Looe town map at some point to add more details but for the moment it’s still a very handy to have if you haven’t been to Looe before.

Map to Looe 006

Visiting Looe

It’s really easy to get into Looe via several different routes. Download and print out this easy to follow A4 map to show you the way.

This map will be updated if road access ever changes – be sure to pop back and download the latest version before you travel.


Map of Looe

Map of Looe

If you’re coming to Looe on holiday, finding the local car parks, knowing the way to the beach or just getting your bearings can be frustrating without some help.

This map of Looe will help you get your bearings before you arrive and ensure you don’t get lost.


Using Sat Nav in Looe

Sat Nav in Looe is a pain in the proverbial!

Many of the roads are very narrow and steep and not suitable for anything larger than a regular family car. Locals get used to them but for our lovely visitors, adding a gash down the side of your car is not the way to start your holiday!

Our advice – ignore at your peril!

Basically, when you get into Looe, switch your Sat Nav off.

Why? Because the Sat Nav companies may send you the wrong way into the town due to the fact their systems are out of date.

If your Sat Nav tells you to turn up Shutta (turning before the Globe Pub) do not follow it. The road is steep, narrow and a nightmare and we’ve seen everything from Bentleys to Asda delivery trucks get stuck and then trashed! Do not turn up Shutta to get into Looe.