Millendreath public exhibition announced (Nr. Looe in Cornwall).

Caradon District Council and Espalier Ltd have announced a two-day public exhibition to consult about the proposed regeneration of Millendreath.

Millendreath Public Exhibition

Dates: Friday 11th July (11am-7pm) and Saturday 12th July (10am-5pm)

Venue: Hannafore Point Hotel in West Looe.

Representatives: Members of Espalier’s team and Caradon officers

Espalier Ltd and Caradon District Council have announced a two-day public exhibition at the Hannafore Point Hotel to consult about the proposed regeneration of Millendreath. An exhibition trailer will also visit Millendreath on Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th August from 2 – 7.30pm.

Espalier Ltd has acquired 75 acres of the Millendreath valley and has been preparing proposals for the valley’s regeneration with a team including architects, urban designers, planners, transport engineers and sustainability consultants.

People can have their say on proposals at the exhibition or by submitting their comments between 11th July and 25th August.

Rick Gibbs, Managing Director of Espalier, said, “We believe that this is a unique opportunity to regenerate Millendreath and provide Looe with a first-class tourism offer. The exhibition is another opportunity for people to help us refine our proposals.”

Steve Besford-Foster, Director of Services for Caradon District Council, said, “The project could bring major benefits to Millendreath, Looe and south-east Cornwall, but it will involve significant local change, so we need to ensure that all aspects are examined carefully, including the interest of local residents, before the concept is developed into a planning application.”
What do you think?

We at ilovelooe HQ think that Millendreath needs a little love!

We also understand that people live there and might love it just the way it is, but whatever you think, Millendreath is in need of some attention!

We can’t wait to see what the proposals are for the redevelopment of Millendreath but most of all we are hoping it will be creative, sustainable, environmentally friendly, sympathetic, provide affordable housing and bring wealth to the surrounding area!

Not much to ask, but like many of these developments, words and actions rarely come together in a synchronistic manner. Developers are usually from out of town which means fresh ideas and enthusiasm but unfortunately no real vested interest in the local area and its residents. For developers it has to be business driven and so profit, and how much they will make from it, is where their real heart lies.
Get on down!

So everyone from Looe, get on down to the exhibition and see what you think.

Have your say and together let’s see if something good for everyone can come out of this.

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