Mistletoe Christmas Quiz

Mistletoe Christmas QuizHo, ho, ho!

Here is my Christmas Mistletoe Quiz which I thought you might like to take to your works do, or home for games and silly japes throughout the Christmas season.

The quiz tests how much you know about mistletoe and will help everyone who has a go, discover whether they’re ‘Peckers’, ‘Kissers’ or ‘Smoochers’.


It’s a ‘sharebie’

The quiz is a ‘sharebie’ which means feel free to share it around with all your friends and family.

Download, print out and take it with you wherever you go as there’s some ‘Emergency Mistletoe’ for you to cut out if you don’t have any to hand 😉

Anyway, hope you like it.

Roll on Christmas.



»»» Click the following link to download the [download id=”29″]

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