New shoe shop in Looe

Moshulu, the fun and fresh shoe store, has set up shop in Looe.

Looe has two shoe shops again!

When Clarks shut down we thought it was another nail in the coffin for useful shops in Looe and awaited the opening of another bucket and spade store. Whilst this is no bad thing for visitors it wouldn’t have been any use to locals.

However, and much to our surprise, Moshulu have opened a store in the vacant shop. We think this is a good move as their shoes are fun, fresh, and different which will surely help to bring people into Looe.

Decorated in Cornish Blue on the outside with a crisp, clean, white Moshulu logo above the door, the look of the shop is a refreshing change to other shops in Looe. Inside, the decor is white which helps to punch out the bright colours of the shoes. Altogether it creates a fresh and inviting feel which pulls you in.

Anyone looking for something different to wear should pop into Looe now and check out Moshulu.

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