New Year 2011 in Looe

New Year Fireworks in LooeHappy New Year to you and yours from all of us here in Looe in 2011.

New Year’s Eve in Looe didn’t happen for me this year. We got stuck (in the nicest possible way) at my Mum’s house after our car blew up on the way! We limped there through the snow and sub-zero temperatures firing on three cylinders due to a cracked cylinder head! Our poor old car didn’t survive and we had to write a quick note to Santa to see what he could do.

Lucky for us he came up trumps but it meant that I missed all the fancy dress and fireworks shenanigans, which is why I don’t have any photographs to show you this year! If you have any photos of Looe fireworks or people in fancy dress you’d like me to share, please get in touch and I will add them to with a credit if you’d like one.

You can see my New Year’s Eve photos for 2009/2010 if you’d like to see what it all the fuss is about and Looe fireworks photos here too.

The video below has never been released before today – it’s of the fireworks on New Years Eve in Looe in 2009/2010 – I hear the 2010/2011 were even better! I’ve edited it down to just show the best bits. Let me know what you think here. Cheers. Chris.

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