New Year’s Eve in Looe – 10 Rules for a good night out.

Looe is rated as the 3rd best place to be in the UK on New Year’s Eve! Fireworks, fancy dress, the odd tipple here and there and lots and lots of New Year’s Eve revellers all having a good time! Why would you want to be anywhere else?

To get the best out of the evening, follow our 10 Rules for a Great New Year’s Eve in Looe. If you can think of any more add them to the end of the post. Enjoy.

New Year in Looe in Cornwall is a cracking night out!

New Year’s Eve in Looe is about having a laugh and a giggle. Party people are everywhere. Revellers dress up in fancy dress costumes and Looe Fireworks Show rounds off the evening on the Banjo Pier at midnight. Yee-haa!

If you’re new to the event we’ve created 10 Rules for a good night out in Looe on New Year’s Eve. Let us know what you think.

  1. Fancy dress is non-negotiable! You have to wear fancy dress in Looe on New Year’s Eve or you’re likely to get lynched or thrown in the Looe River! You can be a bin bag or a Roman God, it doesn’t matter you just have to be something!
  2. Wear a smile on your face. Okay, it goes without saying but some people just don’t know how to smile after a drink or two. Get your grins out!
  3. Try and get your photo taken and get in the local rag – or this website. We shall be out taking photographs of New Year in Looe to put up on ilovelooe. Cheese please!
  4. Bring your children but make sure you take them home before things get too lively! New Year in Looe is great fun for adults but children find it a little overwhelming. 10 men dressed as Friesian cows is enough to freak anyone out!
  5. If you suffer from asthma or any other medical condition, bring your reliever or other medicine with you. The streets get very busy and you don’t want to get caught short.
  6. Don’t bring any pets with you. Apart from the crowds of marauding vikings the fireworks will no doubt drive them crazy. Leave them all at home unless they’re 6ft tall, on a lead, dressed in a Dalmatian costume and wearing a dog collar. Kinky!
  7. Please don’t bring your own fireworks. The good people of Looe have fought, worked and fund-raised tirelessly the last few months to bring you the best firework show in Looe – ever! There’s no need to bring your own.
  8. Money, food and drink. Bring plenty, eat before hand, drink responsibly. I know it sounds boring but there isn’t much food in Looe on New Year’s Eve and there are a lot of drunks.
  9. Start time. There is no official start time but many locals will frequent the pubs in Looe in the morning and then retire to home grown parties by 9’ish.
  10. Last orders at the bar. Generally kick out time is before midnight as everyone is keen to get a good spot on Looe Beach to watch the firework display of the end of the Banjo Pier. I’m usually tucked up in bed with my teddy by then anyway so what happens after midnight I have no idea about – wink, wink! 🙂

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