New Year’s Eve in Looe

New Year’s Eve is today!

Time seems to fly and so here we are again on possibly the most exciting day in the Looe festive calendar.

3rd best place to be on New Year’s Eve in the UK

Officially the 3rd best place in the UK to be on New Year’s Eve and THE best place to be on New Year’s Eve in Cornwall.

Below are a few photos to remind you why it’s so much fun and why you should be here if you’re not already. Also, I’d love to know what you think of the evening and what fancy dress costume you’re wearing this year. I’ve seen everything from a herd of cows to about a dozen guys all dressed up in wedding gowns!

Fireworks on the Banjo Pier

The Looe firework display is on and with all the money raised should be a real crowd pleaser. Be down on the beach at 11.50pm for the display at midnight. Thanks to Michala and the team for their hard work and for everyone who donated so generously to the firework fund.

If you see someone shaking a bucket tomorrow night, don’t be shy, chuck them your loose change for next year’s display. As Tesco say, ‘Every Little Helps’ – topical eh!

Have fun

Also, if you’re coming into Looe for the first time you might want to read New Year’s Eve in Looe – 10 Rules for a good night out.

Have fun and see you in town – I’m the one with a camera – haha.

Gallery from 2009

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