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The Looe Daily PhotoHi, my name is Chris and I design and run ilovelooe which means I take all the photos, write all the words, do all the programming and make the tea! It’s fun, I love it and I hope you do too.

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Today’s ilovelooe blog

I was thinking the other day about adding a Daily Picture of Looe to the website and calling it “The Looe Daily Photo“. What do you think? If you have a better title, please let me know.

Basically, I’ll supply you with one new picture of Looe every day for the next 365 days :-0 All photos will be new pictures not seen on the website before. Some you’ll recognise and others will be more obscure. Click the “Read More…” link below to see today’s picture.

Here goes…

Today’s picture is one I took a few weeks ago whilst jogging around to Hannafore in West Looe. It was a beautiful morning about 8am and the sun was just rising out of the sea.

I digress a little!

I’ve started this fitness routine where I aim to loose 2 stone in 6 months whilst gaining a little more muscle and loosing some of the fat I’ve accumulated over the past 45 years! I started exercising at the end of November 2010 when I weighed 13.5 stone and I’m now down to 12 stone after three months!

I’m pretty happy with it so far but I want to keep going too. Hopefully telling you about it, will spur me on and keep up the momentum. producing the “The Looe Daily Photo” should also help as I carry my camera with me where ever I go!

Back to the photo

Mornings in Looe can be fabulous especially when you catch the first rays and golden glow of the sun on your face. You know, when it’s cold and yet there’s that glimmer of warmth that reminds you spring is coming. Anyway, this picture of East Looe and East Looe Beach was taken from the rocks in-front of the Hannafore Point Hotel. It’s a great place to watch the sun come up, the fishing boats head off out to sea and the local wildlife. Often the rocks are covered in sea birds drying their wings or resting in between fishing for sandeels and other small fish.


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The Looe Daily Photo

Looe - Early morning in January 2011

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