Polperro Storm Watching Video February 2014

Cornwall VideosAfter creating the ‘Flooding in Looe‘ video a week or so ago I thought I’d trundle round to Polperro to see what effect the storms were having over there. I had no idea what to expect and was quite surprised.

I love Polperro and stayed there a couple of times before moving to Looe. It’s a short drive (7 minutes) from Looe or a slightly longer walk along the South West Coastal Path 😉

Polperro nestles in a typically Cornish coastal valley that opens out into a small cove, part of which was turned into a fishing harbour a long time ago.

Polperro harbour is still home to a few small fishing and leisure boats but the village is more widely known as a holiday hotspot owing to its narrow alleyways, quaint Cornish architecture and smuggling history.

Polperro Storm

Storm watching

Cornwall and many parts of the West Country have been battling storms recently. Looe has been flooded by the sea a couple of times (not unusual and we’re used to it), whilst Seaton and Millendreath have taken a battering by the sea.

Looe gets back to normal almost straight away because when the tide goes out so does all the water. It’s no consolation to the people effected and my thoughts are with them when it happens but we are not like the unfortunate souls on the Somerset Levels or on the outskirts of London who will be suffering for  weeks if not months to come. Looe is good… thank goodness!

I’m not sure how Seaton and Millendreath are now and I wasn’t up to speed with how Polperro was coping either. So with this in mind I took my camera over to Polperro last Saturday to see how this tiny Cornish fishing village was being effected.

Polperro shops, cafés and pubs open

I spoke with a couple of shop owners who said that the high winds had removed tiles on some properties but apart from that they were well protected behind the harbour wall. It was high tide when I arrived and many of the shops, pubs and cafés were open.

Storm Watching in Polperro

Storms along the Cornish coastline are something special to behold. I know it’s not for everyone but for those of you who like a little adventure or the chance to take some action packed photos, you should try it sometime.

I think Polperro is a great place to visit when a storm rolls in. Here’s why:

  • Plenty of parking.
  • Authentic pubs and cafés to eat and drink.
  • Shops including clothing, food, art galleries and local produce.
  • Safe viewing points on either side of the harbour entrance.

Polperro Storms

Staying safe

Obviously you need to stay safe when out in high winds and raging seas but if you’re sensible and stay up high and away from the waves, then watching the sea crash into the cliffs is something you’ll never forget.

Below is a video made of video footage and some photographs from last weekend. Let me know what you think and if you go down to Polperro, do share your pictures with us in the iLoveLooe Flickr Group.

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