Powerboat racing in Looe – a great success

The powerboat racing weekend in Looe is over but we took plenty of photographs of the racing, the boats and the winners for you to check out.

If you didn’t make it to Looe this year then the plan is to hold a powerboat racing championship in Looe in 2009 on May Bank Holiday so why not try to get down here then.

The powerboats looked amazing, the weather was amazing, the racing was pretty fantastic and Looe as always managed to perform, entertain and live up to expectations.

Powerboat racing in Looe 2008

We have 36 photographs of the event in our gallery for you to peruse and hope to get hold of a few more in due course.

Alastair Pearn has opened the door to powerboat racing in Looe and we wish him all the success with the venture.

Check out the photographs in the Looe photo galleries.

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