Powerboat racing is coming to Looe in Cornwall this weekend

Powerboat racing in Looe CornwallAlastair Pearn is helping to bring powerboat racing to Looe this weekend.

The 11th and 12th of October 2008 will see the first of what could be an annual event in Looe. Zap Cats, V24 and Class3 Offshore powerboats are just some of the powerboats expected in Looe for what promises to be an exciting and thrilling event.

Looe has always had a good sized fishing and sailing fleet and over the years this has helped bring in some exciting national boating events and sailing championships via Looe Sailing Club and other organisations.

Alastair Pearn, a local man, is hoping to build on this in 2008 and beyond by bringing new events, such as powerboat racing, to Looe.

This year Alastair and his team came 14th in the world championships and 3rd in the national championships which is amazing considering in was their first year of racing!

Powerboat racing in Looe

(This achievement gives us some local heroes to route for – so come into town and support local people who are putting Looe on the map – ed.)
Powerboat racing

Over the past few years powerboat racing has opened its doors to new people coming into the sport and the different classes of boats have changed the perception that it is both expensive and difficult to get into. Although it’s not cheap it’s definitely more affordable than it used to be.

Powerboat racing now comes in many flavours including Zap Cats, OCR, V24 and Class 3 Offshore. This diversity is encouraging more and more people to take up the sport and this is why the time could be right to try and bring powerboat racing to Looe.
Why Looe?

ilovelooe posted on Twitter a week or so ago about re-branding Looe. Although re-branding was too strong a term we were hinting at the idea of creating a multi-faceted image of Looe that didn’t revolve around a summer tourist trade but as a place that was able to offer some world class events based on the superb facilities that we have, all year round.

It seems to us that Alastair had already thought about this when he considered bringing powerboat racing to Looe.

Looe Bay would seem to be perfect for powerboat racing enthusiasts, spectators and competitors alike because it’s generally calm, which we imagine makes it ideal for powerboat racing and the beach, surrounding hillsides and coastal path make excellent viewing areas from which to watch.

Powerboat racing in Looe

This multi-faceted image of Looe, if marketed and advertised properly, would certainly help Looe by attracting a variety of visitor types to the town. This in turn would diversify our tourist base and help to spread the word about Looe and the seasons in which to visit.

We think it just takes some vision and courage to embrace new things without changing the overall fabric of what we have. Nothing stays the same forever and nothing grows without change so this diversity of attractions will surely help Looe remain a lively and prosperous place in which to live.

Anyway, enough about that for the moment…
Powerboat racing this weekend.

This is what the organisers had to say about this weekend, “We are putting on this event so people can come and have a go in a racing boat, in a racing environment and maybe even a race on Sunday 12th October.

We are hoping that if everything goes okay on October 11th and 12th, we will be able to host a national championships powerboat racing event in Looe for the first May Bank Holiday in 2009.

We are inviting all powerboat racing teams to come and give their full support to powerboat racing in Looe and teams invited include; Zap Cats, OCR, V24, both Honda Classes, Water Ski Racing Boats, Rib Racing and Class 3 Offshore.

It should be a highly charged and exciting weekend for visitors”.

The pit area will be held at Norman Pearn & Co Ltd, which is the Millpool Boat Yard in Looe. All boats will be arriving on the Saturday morning – 11th October.

The racing will be held in Looe Bay in Cornwall (Google map below).

Anyone who wants to help sponsor the event please contact Alastair Pearn on 07887638156 to discuss ideas.

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