Remembrance Sunday 9th November 2008 – UPDATED

The Looe Remembrance Sunday Service will be held at the War Memorial in East Looe by the Looe town bridge on Sunday 9th November.

Remembering all the people who died in both the World Wars and subsequent conflicts is vitally important and we should all take an hour out of our ‘hectic’ lives to pay our respects and spare a few thoughts for those who helped give us what we have today – freedom.

Both my grandfathers lived through both World Wars with my mother’s father ‘Grandad Sid’ serving in the 18th Batalion Lancashire Fusiliers as a Lewis gunner.

He volunteered at 17 and went ‘over the top’ on 1st June 1918, writing afterwards “the worst day of my life”. According to the battle movements from the 1st to the 5th of June the Batalion was at Hedauville.

Grandad Sid was the youngest of 9 children. An elder brother had been killed and another received an injury that lost him a leg at the battle of the Somme.

Luckily both my grandfathers survived.

Grandad Sid never spoke to me about his life in the army (I was too young anyway), I just remember him as a solidly built man, strong, quiet, slightly mischievous and yet very patient. He made much of the furniture in his house and spent the majority of his time in his garage where I pestered him about wood, making things and fishing.

I have fond memories of him as I do of all my grandparents.

It hasn’t been until the last decade or so that I really thought much about the people who lived through the ‘Great’ Wars. A mixture of age, becoming a father and accepting my responsibilities seems to have changed that and I now find myself deeply affected by anything violent in films, books or on the news. I just can’t read or watch them without feeling a great sorrow.

Looe Remembrance Day Poppy Field

If you have an hour to spare next Sunday, why not come down to the War Memorial in Looe at and join in with the rest of us as we spare a few thoughts for the past and for our future. For no matter where you live or where you come from, we all live under the same sky, breath the same air and enjoy the warm breeze on our skin. Freedom from fear and oppression should be cherished, as should those who gave their lives for it.
Looe Remembrance Sunday
9th November 2008
10.15am outside the Looe Tourist Information Centre
Service to be held at the Looe War Memorial
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