Sand Sculpture on East Looe beach

Large rabbit sculpture on Looe beachEast Looe Beach is worth a visit anytime but today visiting the beach is really going to take your breath away!

For there on the beach is a work of art in the form of a sand sculpture. Not just any sand sculpture but a very large sculpture of the Easter Bunny!

If you go down to East Looe beach today you’ll be sure of a big surprise!

Rabbit on Looe BeachYou’ll need to rub your eyes and look twice but there on the beach is the biggest sand sculpture you’re ever likely to see, it’s quite amazing. It’s the Easter Bunny sculpted from sand and it has made an appearance rather like a crop circle! Suddenly there it is for all to see!

There have been no sightings of any Easter eggs left by the bunny but maybe the seagulls have made off with them already. It is very beautiful and the artist must be congratulated on their skill, imagination and all the effort involved in such a fun project.

So before the tide washes this “Bunny of the South East” back to those individual grains of sand and into the sea, go down to East Looe Beach and take a look! You won’t regret it!

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