Snow in Looe

If you don’t live in Looe, you might wonder if it ever snows in Looe – then again you might not!

I came across this video, or set of stills made into a short film, by a couple of local guys that proves it snows in Looe! The makers of this video have a whole host of other fascinating films about the local area too on their YouTube portal so read on to check it out…

Does it snow in Looe?

I haven’t seen it yet but then again I haven’t been in Looe long! These guys have though and they’ve made a short film called “Snow in Looe & Duloe in Cornwall” which is from November 25th, 2005.

Going under the name “KilminorthWoods” (check out their YouTube videos here) Jonathan Boakes and Matt Clark have made a range of films based on the local area which are both fascinating, thoughtful and intriguing at the same time.

I particularly like the timeless dreamy atmosphere created by the films about Talland Bay Church near Polperro and Looe. There is a sense of discovery and a different layering of sounds and thoughts throughout the films that almost induce a melancholic trance like state. Go take a look.

Anyway, seeing as it’s nearly Christmas and we’re all full of festive cheer(!) and looking forward to another Christmas in Looe, we thought we’d bring you a reminder of what it’s like when it snows in Looe. We live in hope of a sprinkling this year!
“Snow in Looe and Duloe in Cornwall” – enjoy.

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