Sunset photographs of Looe

Looe PhotosBelow are a four sunset photographs of Looe snapped over the last few days.

All four were taken on the 2nd July from the end of the Banjo Pier. The sky was an amazing pink and blue bonanza which lit up the town and reflected in the sea off Looe beach. Quite stunning.

The last picture is an iPhone App montage using ‘360 Panorama’ which makes it very easy but takes some practice to get a perfect stitch. I did this in a hurry but if you’re careful you can get a perfect panorama.

Many photographers think sunsets are rather passé, but I just can’t help myself, so let me know what you think via a comment below or leave a comment on my iLoveLooe Facebook page.

If you’d like to see other photographs of Looe, visit the Photographs of Looe Gallery page.

Sunset photographs of Looe

Click any of the images to see a larger version.

East Looe and beach from the end of the Banjo Pier

Sunset photographs of Looe


The fog horn and light at the end of the Banjo Pier in Looe

Looe Banjo Pier Sunset


The Banjo Pier basking in the glow of the sunset

Looe Banjo Pier Sunset


Crazy iPhone app montage (360 Panorama) of sunset

Looe Banjo Pier 360

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